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More than ever before, nonprofit organizations need to find new, innovative and creative ways to raise funds and increase support for their cause.

Running an online auction is a great way to:

Expand your reach
Offer your supporters a fun experience
Raise money for your organization

How Nonprofit Bidding Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Nonprofit Bidding is an affordable, easy to use, PCI compliant online auction platform that allows you to:

  • Easily create an auction event and upload items
  • Jump on and off as needed to run auctions whenever it makes sense to you
  • Connect your account to Stripe and immediately capture funds from winning bidders at the end of the auction with a simple click of a button

Other Useful Features

  • Automatic email notifications are sent when a bidder is outbid to encourage them to hop back on and rebid
  • Our donations module allows supporters to provide funding directly to your organization instead of, or as well, as participating in the auction
  • Smartbid is an option for those bidders who would like to enter their maximum bid and let the system bid for them based on the next increment when they are outbid
  • Bidders can choose to override Smartbid and bump their bid as high as they'd like
  • Items can display a retail value or not - your choice. Regardless, because this is a fundraising tool, the system will allow bidders to bid above retail value
  • Each item will close automatically at the time specified when the item is set up. However, the system has a Bid Extend feature which automatically extends the closing time for 5 minutes if a bid has been placed in the final 5 minutes of the auction. This allows time for the person who was outbid to be notified and to return to the site to rebid. The automatic extension will continue until there has been 5 full minutes with no activity on the item at which point it will automatically close. Bid extend provides the opportunity for multiple bidders who really want an item to compete for it and for the nonprofit organization to raise the maximum amount of funds through the auction.

Nonprofit Bidding is an Affordable Solution

There is no cost to join Nonprofit Bidding! And capturing revenue at the end of the auction is as easy as clicking a button.

We have an automatic payment processing system that will charge the winning bidders' card and immediately deposit the revenue you've earned directly into your Stripe account minus a standard payment processing fee deducted by Stripe (2.9% plus 30 cents a transaction) and a 3% platform fee.

Our integrated payment processing feature is a cost effective solution for your fundraising efforts. It saves countless hours of staff and volunteer time trying to track down buyers and arrange payment; and it eliminates the risk of losing revenue if bidders change their minds after the auction and decide not to pay.

Let Us Help You Achieve Your Goals
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