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Why Nonprofit Bidding?

We're Canadian owned and operated.
We developed our first online auction platform in 2010 and have helped many clients generate auction revenue.
We have extensive experience in creating PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant Ecommerce solutions.
We have worked collaboratively with charities and nonprofits for more than 30 years.
We understand the challenges of nonprofit fundraising.
We are committed to:
  • supporting local initiatives
  • strengthening relationships
  • increasing organizational & community resilience and sustainability

What an enjoyable experience it was to work with the Nonprofit Bidding platform, for our Annual Auction and fundraising efforts for the YWCA.

The platform itself was incredibly efficient and user friendly. Working with both Donna and Saskia was a dream...I had many questions and sometimes needed assistance. Every single time they were quick to help and offer guidance when needed.

No hesitation at all in using them again...scored a perfect 10 from me!

~ Sandra
Women's Business Network, Peterborough, Ontario

Working with Nonprofit Bidding, we were able to not only reach our auction fundraising goal but surpass it! They were extremely professional and helpful in getting the items set up and organized, and they also did an excellent job assisting with promotion through graphic creation and sharing it on their platforms.

Donna and her team were supportive every step of the way and were always very reachable for support when we had questions. We are excited to use them again for this year's upcoming auction! Thank you Nonprofit Bidding team!

~ Nigel
Peterborough & Kawarthas Chamber of Commerce

I recently used the platform to register and bid on a large charity auction they were hosting.

The account set up was simple and seamless and the bidding process was sooo easy! had great communications (automation) via email on my bidding status and after my bid won, the check out process was just as easy and smooth as can be! Great experience!

~ Christine

It was so convenient for the Canoe FM auction.

I registered, bid, and won an item. Great set up!

~ Local Shopper

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